Entry Title: "Anne Hathaway, as Sandy from "Grease" (I)"
Name: Russ Lamoureux , United States
Category and Expertise: Personality, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Behind the scenes at the 83rd annual Academy Awards. A "Grease" parody was shot days before, but axed from the final broadcast.

About the Artist:

Russ Lamoureux is a director and photographer working out of Los Angeles and New York. He is interested in the power of images to tell stories. He credits the storytelling prowess of a wide range of artists—John Updike, Stephen Shore, Robert Altman, to name a few—as influential in his own work. An Emmy-winning director, he’s helmed commercials for some of the world’s most respected agencies: Mother, London; TBWA/Chiat/Day; BBDO, and Wieden+Kennedy. His still photography can be seen most months in peloton, a cycling and culture magazine. His portrait series “Undercard” was part of a group show at Untitled Gallery, LA in the spring of ’11.