PhotographerSarah Orr
Entry Description

Adrift is an ambiguous portrayal of the perturbed sentiment that currently stems from contemporary society. The strong disparity occurring between the magnitude of the landscape and the stature of the lone subject, suggests feelings of precariousness in settings, which simultaneously invoke the sublime. The presence of the figure in relation to the enormity of the sea, introduces a sense of vulnerability as well as referencing the limits of geographical boundaries and the figurative notion of being on edge. The subjects distant gazes hint toward looking elsewhere for comfort and release.

About Photographer

Sarah Orr is a Dublin based visual artist. Incorporating film based methods into her work; she experiments with tonality and light to create photographs that convey immense beauty. The recurring intention within her practice is to provoke speculation within the viewer and to evoke a distinct relationship with the imagery. The themes Orr is concerned in employing revolve around youth culture, fashion and contemporary society’s effect on the modern individual. Ryan McGinley, Collier Schorr, Hedi Slimane, Alec Soth and William Eggleston are a number of the photographers who have influenced and inspired her practice. Orr has recently completed her BA in Photography in the Dublin Institute of Technology and exhibited her series Adrift in this year’s Graduate Exhibition.