house boats

PhotographerChristian Groeschel
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series is about houseboats and living in expensive cities. In London, many people live on such boats on the canals and the Thames. It means independence and fun for some, but is also a way to avoid the horrible rents in Central London. Hidden in a vast area of canals and water reservoirs, far away from the centre the boats in the so called London Marshes are fully equipped with TV, front yards and sometimes garden gnomes. As one canal goes through the Olympic site for the 2012 games the local council thinks about pushing them out of the city so that visitors don’t have to see them.

About Photographer

I grew up in the small town Hagen, Germany. Having studied philosophy, literature and arts in a comparative approach, I decided to work in a High School, firstly in Berlin, then in New York and now in London. This summer I will go back to Berlin. I got interested in taking pictures myself three years ago when I won my first digital camera. After having taken several short courses I introduced photography-extra-curricular-groups two years ago at my current school. I got first commissions from my school and took pictures at special events.