Reflections of Paris

PhotographerSébastien Hameline
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLos Angeles, United States
Photo Date2001-2004
Technical InfoIlford 400, Tmax 400
Entry Description

This is part of a series I did in Paris. After the rain fall, in the early morning, while the street was being cleaned,... and if the sun, or sometimes the streetlights of Paris, lent me the right light for a reflection...

About Photographer

I started photography when I was 12. My father lent me some money to buy a used camera, that I paid him back with household work. And that is when I started learning photography. I never went to school for this, nor open a (technical) photography book. Not that I pretended knowing everything, but at that early age (and for a while) the idea never crossed my mind. Or rather, I didn't know they existed. I learnt from many mistakes, and still do! One thing I got aware of, is that I prefer capturing life with traditional black and white, which what I only use. I feel something timeless about it. I did a few exhibitions in Paris, where I am from, published a few things in magazines, and moved to Los Angeles. I recently came back from Taiwan, where I captured the subject of what is going to be my first photography book. I decided that this year, I want to put my art in the professional world, and show my work to the widest audience.