"Not In Your Face" #1

PhotographerSusan A. Barnett
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNew York, United States
Photo Date2010
Technical Info35 mm, Ektar 100, C-Prints
Entry Description

From the series "Not In Your Face" a study of over 2000 people wearing T-shirts . In the series the t-shirt is starkly evident but the photographs are not about the t-shirt per se. They are about identity, validation and perception. I make these portraits to explore the issue of "tolerance" and judgement. Do we automatically decide who someone is based on what message they have chosen, what hairdo or way of standing we witness. I want to raise the awareness of viewers so they might think about the kind of prejudice teens and young adults endure as they attempt to fit into society while at the same time maintaining their individuality. They often wear shirts that imply "I belong to this group, not the other" and they become a kind of trophy. On the streets these personalities create their own iconography that explores the cultural, political and social issues that have an impact on our daily lives.