Faces of the Masai tribe

PhotographerStephan Brauchli
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

While traveling through the Piaia concession in Tanzania, my friend John and I stopped in a Masai village to photograph the Masai. We brought some medical and other items that our guide gave to the village chief. According to our guide the Masai had just recently started to put up all sorts of souvenirs when visitors came to visit - a practise we were not too happy about as we wanted to photograph the Masai's lifestyle and not visit a market. After visiting with them for a while, they realized we were not really interested in buying souvenirs and they started to take an interest in the pictures we were taking. The resulting 5 images are my favorites from that visit.

About Photographer

Stephan Brauchli is a passionate self-taught photographer currently living in Zurich, Switzerland with a deep empathy for the natural world.