Games childrens play

PhotographerMicha Nussinov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPaddington, Australia
Photo Date2010
Entry Description

Nussinov has drawn from his own stock library of hundreds of images. He has assembled them digitally, to create imaginary scenes of life within the urban and natural environment.

About Photographer

1975-82 Worked as cinematographer of documentaries and short dramas. 1975- 79 Director and Cinematographer of conceptual films: "Waiting, for What?", 42 minutes; and "Feeling for Balance", 80 minutes 1974-94 Photographic exploration. Experimentation with overlaying of images and fusion of realities 1984-95 Sketching and collecting images for painting. Painting excursions in Australia: West Macdonald Ranges, Olgas, Rainbow Valley, Lake Mungo, Flinder's Ranges 1986-95 Working at various studios, developing skills in paintings and design. 1995-99 Designing and fabricating Kinetic sculptures. 1998 –03 Gaining Computer skills. Creating digital images and sound scapes. 2001-02 Life drawing at the Globe. 2003-4 Trips to Israel: Drawing street scenes, landscapes and family portraits. 2001-5 Creating music compositions. Playing on kurzwiel keyboard, editing and rearranging with a computer program. 2006-11 Developing series of works, Photo composites ‘Between the layers’ – a world of ambiguity, transience and illusion, of recognised and abstracted scenes Grants: Australian Film commission- Experimental film fund (1976), Creative development fund (1979). Prizes: 2004 Kao international kinetic Art Competition – third prize 2005 Art addiction - honorable award 2008 Sculpture society plint prize / 2009 Sculpture Society – Pricewaterhouse-cooper Prize Exhibitions Have been exhibiting Photographs, Paintings and Sculptures since 1988 . 1995- Gallery Nakai, Kyoto, Japan. 1997 – Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2002- Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Australia 2004– Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle. 2005- Sala Barna Barcelona, spain 2005 to 2011 , Exhibiting at Nussinov Gallery, Cope street Redfern, Australia