Quark 1-5

PhotographerKyoshi Becker Mckizzie
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCamera Improv
City/CountryPalmdale, United States
Photo DateSeptember 2010
Technical InfoDigital Capture
Entry Description

My inspiration for this collection of photographs emerged from the abstract interaction between each bubble and how the characters inside dictate the means of their activity.

About Photographer

We are living in two worlds. The world we see, and the world we perceive. As a human being, I have the power to relate to both worlds. While interacting with the physical existence of matter, I can pull the spiritual and emotional into this world space and time. As the physical world tries to take over our life, with technology, work, and the idea of success, we can be led into a cycle that often excludes emotion, warmth, intimacy, and genuine interactivity with others. As an artist, my work brings a mood or emotion to the many that have had it excluded from their daily routines. Pure art reveals the genuine and promotes spiritual communication. Art can often effect your emotions by its unique characteristics. The world inside the frame window can contain needed joy and hope. It can bring out a memory, inspire a bold move, and free one up from the duties of life. Art transcends the physical by reaching to where we often cannot go and giving us the opportunity to express who we are. Although I have been an artist 12 years, I didn’t discover photography as an art form until 2003. The new vision took me on a journey that allowed me to see art for more than what it really is. It allowed me to perceive.