Novice Monks in Burma

Photographerolivier Borson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTrois Bassins, Reunion
Photo DateFebruary 2011
Technical InfoDigital full frame and MF
Entry Description

I present a series of portraits of young monks met in Burma. Figure of Buddhism, monks are everywhere in Myanmar. Upon initiation the young learn the precepts of Buddha which is reflected in their behavior with great kindness and wisdom already, I thought, I read on their faces and in their eyes

About Photographer

Born in 1963 (Lyon – France), Photography is a personal endeavor. I taught myself. I try to watch and learn through the work of others, to get a visual culture. I read a lot, I try to observe a lot. I did workshops too. Photography is my passion since I was 15 years. I started in astrophotography. It was very interesting, especially the attempts to take the subject and, later, to see what we made in the darkroom. I bought my first camera and started taking pictures of everything around me. I was fortunate to travel extensively first fascinated by the landscape and wildlife. I had to work hard at university so I gave up photography, too busy with my career. I wake up 7 years ago, helped to digital technology that I used a lot in my day job. I bought a first camera and start shooting, trying to improve my skills and finally found an subject that is based on my thoughts. But I am also interesting in portraits and photojournalism. I Was awarded in 2010 with a Gold Medal (nature/sunset) at Paris Photo Price (Px3) and this year with a Silver Medal (Portraiture) at at the same competition