Cornflower tea and concealing chocolate

PhotographerAlena Zhandarova
Entry Description

This series is about the moment, it's about what's going on right now. About the uniqueness and value, the importance of each second. About the questions "Why?" and answers "because accidents are not accidental." There is always something happening around us. There are no unimportant moments. The smell of apples, the sound of dripping water, cornflower tea taste in a candy store of beloved city. Every moment.

About Photographer

Alena Zhandarova was born in 1988 in Russia. Meanwhile her marketing studies she decided to open her creative chakras and started to probe and go deeper to herself. This way her series “Cornflower tea and concealing chocolate” came up. With this project she was exhibited in Spain, Italy, Australia, Uzbekistan, Lithuania, UK, USA, France and Russia. She is the finalist of ArteLaguna prize (Under25 category), Kaunas photo-festival, the winner of self-portrait juried exhibition in USA. She likes to mix something unusual for routine life and make extraordinary become ordinary. That’s why her research interest is art photography. In 2011 she started to study fine art photography in Madrid institute of Design, what helped her to feel her way more clear, start a new projects and become full of ideas how to make this world more bright and saturated.