Pittsburgh Glass

PhotographerDonna Atkins
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLight Channel Photography
City/CountryIntervale, United States
Photo DateJuly 2010
Technical InfoNikon 300D
Entry Description

Reflections on Pittsburgh Glass Buildings from a distance to close up.

About Photographer

Light Channel Photography reflects my love of capturing mother earth on film and/or disk. Light brings awareness and investigation of all things hidden in the dark. With light, we can see, find hope, create inspiration, and share our stories. My photographic adventures started in the 1970’s with a Nikormat 35MM SLR camera. The late Bill Velmure instructed me to “…keep taking pictures, don’t stop. If you get one good picture out of a roll of film, you’ve been successful. If you don’t get any good pictures, you’ll learn something from your mistakes.” There is no success without failure. In 1994 I attended an overnight photography workshop at the top of Mount Washington. Bill asked me what I thought I might learn. I responded saying “I have no idea, but I’ve never been to a formal photography class.” At the top of Mt Washington, in my usual manner, I snapped lots of pictures. The bright snow required some bracketing (multiple shots at different exposures) and the battery for my camera meter failed. The instructor asked me how I could take pictures in snow without a gray card. “A Gray Card?” I asked, “What’s that?” Apparently a gray card is used to assist in metering the light, but Bill Velmure taught me to meter without a gray card (and with a failed battery). And so I did learn some new terminology, got some great photographs, and had an adventurous journey. As a former member of Wakefield Community Access Television (Wakefield, MA), I produced programs on the Avon Breast Cancer Walk, Retts syndrome fund raisers, and ballroom dance competitions. Over the years, I’ve continued to volunteer and produce programming on the arts. I’m currently working with the Belmont Media Center (Belmont, MA) on a windjammer sailing documentary. Clips can be found at www.youtube.com/starlightdancing. I’ve studied painting, drawing, and pottery, but I love photography and video. The story is captured live and fast. The editing is the creative part, requiring many hours and a lot of patience. Since 2008, the majority of my photographs are digital. Digital photographs can be downloaded for immediate viewing keeping costs to a minimum. I like using available light not flash. And my favorite subject is mother earth. Photographs can be found at www.lightchannelphotography.com. Enjoy the view!