Mystic Woman

PhotographerMegan Schoenbachler
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Travelling along the Ganges in India we stopped in Varanassi for a week. Every morning this incredible surreal fog would hang in the air. On this particular morning the sun just happened to peek through long enough to illuminate this Hindu woman along the bank.

About Photographer

Megan has worked in the world of documentary film and photography since the early 90’s. She began her career as a cinematographer and found herself more and more in tune with what she could express in still photography. Her work is a complilation of travels and life experience. She has shot multiple documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic Networks. As well as being published in magazines such as American Photography. Currently she resides in Los Angeles and is working on commercial projects, as well as a photography book titled “Billy”. It is personal project about drug addiction and her father. She is drawn to both the world of documentary and editorial and is always looking for the story that is yet to be told.