Where is my Babushka? Vanishing grandmothers of EasternEurop

CompanyHome Office
PhotographerEdite Haberman
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The peasant women of Maramures, NorthWestern Romania, are witnessing their old way of life at risk of extinction. Their traditions are slowly being replaced by European Union laws, foreign investment, and migration. "Where is my Babushka?" The vanishing grandmothers of Eastern Europe. by Edite Haberman ©.

About Photographer

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I studied architecture at the University of Buenos Aires, and later immigrated to the US where I received a degree in graphic design and marketing communications from UCLA. I went to work for international advertising agencies in Los Angeles, San Francisco as an art director and was involved in major ad campaigns for both print and television for several years. Inspired by photography and cinematography while art directing, I went back to UCLA to study film and simultaneously acquired a degree at the Los Angeles Film School. I wrote, produced and directed short films. Later I went to study photography with some of the world's finest photographers. I have been exhibiting my fine art, documentary, and portrait photography in galleries and juried shows in the US and internationally. I work as a portrait, lifestyle and event photographer for private, and corporate clients. "Photography for me is the culmination of all my experiences in architecture, design, film and art direction. It all comes together and this is where my passion is".