Entry Title: "Tensions"
Name: Paul Grayson , France
Category and Expertise: Abstract|Night Photography, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Elevator tower at La Grande Arche, La Defense Paris

About the Artist:

Paul Grayson has been passionate about art life-long, ever since the seminal hours spent as a teenager soaking up great works in the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh, particularly the Rembrandt self-portrait, which still has power to inform his vision today. The acquisition of a Contaflex as a student cemented his relationship with « le huitieme art». Following an initial career in finance, the digital revolution significantly deepened his education and practice of artistic photography. He has found freedom and inspiration in the dramatic increase in control and responsiveness available in photography today. He is excited by the urban landscape, event photography, particularly Jazz, and the graphic potential of architectural subjects. He has adopted « Photeinos.com» as his commercial branding, a tribute to the inspiration-giving power of light inherent in the word. He has exhibited in Paris, is an Associate Member of ASMP and has launched his Fine Art web sales site on www.photeinos.com.