PhotographerRonald G. Matanguihan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

These shots were taken at Lake Caliraya, Cavinti Laguna Philippines. Lake Caliraya is a man made lake built in 1939 that serves as a flood way from the water that's flowing from the dam. The water tower monitors the tide and water level of the lake and when the tide is low the rock formation pops out of the water.

About Photographer

Ronald’s passion for photography steamed when he first held hands with his own DSLR in the year 2008. He then explored all areas of photography which include fashion, travel, advertising, commercial, glamour and fine art. This expedition led to requests for projects from people who appreciated his work. His proficiency in different fields of photography got him into the business but he found the intensity in black and white fine art photography which he is now pursuing as an artist.