sunset mushing

CompanyNicole Schafer photography
PhotographerNicole Schafer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

using the last daylight for a run with the dogs over the frozen great slave lake, canada. I attend my two friends and their teams to try to catch this magical moment, we have up here in the north during sunset. I was on the skidoo for several hours till we found the perfect spots and the perfect light, with windchill it was about -65°, extrem temperatures for the gear and the human beeings.

About Photographer

Fascination with nature and wildlife is as old as I am. I was born in Switzerland in 1987. I started to take pictures on my travels and it began to be a passion for me to catch a moment and the emotions. I hope you enjoy seeing them even half as much as I enjoyed creating them. After spending 7 months up north in Yellowknife in the NWT of Canada, my partner, our six Siberian Huskies and I moved back to Switzerland. I'm a person who travels a lot so we will see where my next journey gona take me.