The Albern Port

PhotographerDaniel Pabst
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Port Albern is a port in south of Vienna built up under the Nazi Regime. It's atmosphere is full of tensions in many ways. For exmaple a close by old cementary for suicides, who didn't get a religious funeral. A place with a lot of cruelty, which is captured in this glooming architecture. I captured it in summertime, and still it tells a very sad history.

About Photographer

Daniel Pabst born in 1971 (Vienna) Studies in jazz guitar and jazz composition. Involved in many music and art projects. 2011 debut of his band PABST where he is singer and songwriter for the first time. Further permanent bands are Noisy Town Groove with the drummer and composer Lukas Ligeti, Trafo (an electric guitar quartet) and tricsson, an electronica band. Collaborations with Dezibel 6 to 6 string and currently with Bella Angora, a performance artist (production for the Donaufestival 2013) Attends the Collection Pabst for modern and contemporary art with works of Max Beckmann, Ana Casas Broda, Hans Haffenrichter, Hans Siebert von Heister, Hannah Höch, Erika Giovanna Klien, Käthe Kollwitz, Ananda Möllenhoff, Daniel Nagel, Max Oppenheimer, Marie von Uchatius Works laterly also as non-professional photographer, especially in the field of architecture Production of several recordings and maker of the record label 212 Records. Plays since 20 years concerts mainly in Europe and the USA. Co-composer (with Jury Everhartz) of the opera der automatische Teufel. Concerts at Wiener Konzerthaus, Porgy and Bess, Austrian Cultural Forum NYC, The Stone/NYC, Ancienne Bélgique/Bruxels, B-Flat/Berlin