A piedi nudi

PhotographerSara Apostoli
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBotticino Sera , Italy
Photo Datewinter 2012
Technical Infophotographic installation
Entry Description

The size of the prints (10x7cm) is the core of the work, which fulcrum is on the concepts of intimacy, play, rebirth and discovery. Small are the images that make up this installation, to be explored with the magnifying glass, in search of a detail, seeking that particular able to reveal the meaning of the same, as if it was a puzzle. "A piedi nudi" explores unknown grounds but yet familiar. Through the whole theatrical game of the set design, through the pose, through the performative photography, the installation builds a cognitive path based on the childish use of space, asking back the gift of aknowledge of one’s own body and emotivity. The complete installation measures 130cm x 10cm, magnifying glass (Handmade) and coil of white thread (to which the lens is attached). Images printed on cotton paper can also be watched and touched by the users as small and precious belongings of the artist.

About Photographer

Sara Apostoli was born in Brescia on February the 12th 1980. Graduated in Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brescia (L.A.B.A.) she immediately finds a true passion in video art and video installation. She exposed her own works and video productions in several occasions and locations, from the home town to the other point of Italy and in New Orleans, USA. With the short film “Dulcis in Fundo”, selected to participate in different national and international festivals, she won various awards, including organization’s and audience’s Award at Concorso San Fedele (MI, Italy) 2009/2010, best short film at Festival Tagliacorti (TS, Italy) 2010, best screenplay at the Dieciminuti Film Festival (FR, Italy) 2010, aswell as two special mentions. Since a couple of years she is dedicating time and passion to performative photography and photographic installations. Sara wrote and published two novels, “Delle Camelie” and “Delirio in grammi” and she’s nowadays working on a third novel. Finally, she is completing her second cinematographic work, a short film titled “Porta Pazienza” of which release is estimated for june 2013.