Atlantic Wall

PhotographerJoerg Karrenbauer
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The series shows the remnants of the German Atlantic Wall at the French north coast. The pictures makes the viewer aware of transience and the passage of time. Nothing is forever. The mystic mood was accentuated with bulb exposure. The black and white style reduces the photographs to the essential: content and composition.

About Photographer

The way black-and-white photography provides us with another way of looking at our environment. This fascinated me right from the beginning. As I got a Leica at the age of 16, I set off without delay for the neighboring State of Alsace. Today I still prefer to take b/w-pictures of impressive landscapes, portraits and street life to make limited Fine Art prints. It is in the more remote region of Scotland, south-west England, France, Norway, Kuba and all over Asia where I find my subjects. I am a hobby Photoentusiast.