Conversation Piece

PhotographerKrzysztof Kowalczyk
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

We are tied by strong bonds. During family reunions, my Grampa’s house, which is home to four generations, is vibrant with life. It feels warm and cosy. We are sitting at a huge table, feasting and talking. Meanwhile, I slowly come to realise that I hardly know my kin. I have always seen them as a group and never developed a deeper relationship. Thus, sitting there, I decide to get closer to my relatives. I deliberately break family ties to capture what cannot be seen in a group photo, reaching deep into the inner-selves of those portrayed. The series was taken in my home region of Podkarpacie, Poland. Its name was inspired by a Luchino Visconti film.

About Photographer

Documentary photographer based in Poland. MA Student at Institute of Creative Phography, Silesian University in Opava