Light and fog

PhotographerRossato Andrea
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPasian di Prato, Italy
Photo Date20/11/2011
Entry Description

This series of images is part of a wider project called "Other and fog". Starting from the fog I wanted to create different views of feelings and emotions that can be anxiety, loneliness, insecurity, objectives are not defined, and more serenity, not a definite history and readable but a way that allows those who see the photos to create a story , an interpretation, a vision.

About Photographer

I am a freelance. I recive some awards: 4 Honorable Mentions at IPA 2013 1 Honorable Mention at IPA 2014 Architecture 3 Prize Architecture-Buildings at MIFA 2014 2 Honorable Mention Portrait ar MIFA 2014 Shortlist Open Architecture Sony WPA 2015 1 National Award Italy Sony WPA 2015 1 Prize Architecture Industrial IPA 2015 3 Prize at Professional - Art - Candid Sony WPA 2016 1 Prize at FIOF Award 2016 Professional architecture 2 Prize at FIOF Award 2016 Professional People