other worlds

PhotographerAsh McFarlane
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

A collage series of photos I have created by merging of photos together, that I have taken at different times & countries of towns, cities and places I have visited around the world. The collection – depicting a fantasy or abstract land or world - was inspired from thoughts of dreams, curiosity of a child’s mind, worlds or times different from ours as defined in movies such as ‘the wizard of oz’ and ‘alice in wonderland’. The photos are meant to be haunting, beautiful, peaceful and fill the viewer with images of a world beyond ours, possibly in another life, that could be filled with hope, wonder and magic.

About Photographer

Ash McFarlane is primarily a self-taught Australian contemporary photographer, with an avid interest in abstract photography, people and landscapes. She recently completed intensive studies in photography at the New York Film Academy and is a graduate in business and graphic design. Starting out using black and white film and a Kodak camera, Ash then moved on to a Nikon and entered the digital world of photography. However she still prefers film and older-style techniques of photography and photographers who inspire her - such as Henri Cartier-Bressonm. Ash’s photographic approach will always be to bring out something different in each picture such as uniqueness, dark and light emotion and the rawness of each particular subject.