Tropic Light

PhotographerAdam Crews
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAdam Crews Panoramic Imagery
City/CountryEngadine, Australia
Photo DateSeptember 2012
Technical InfoF32, 5 seconds
Entry Description

Sunrise on Hawaii's Kauai Island. I waited as the light continually changed, and then finally the clouds opened up and a strip of sunlight hit the mountain to give it some extra character. Tunnels Beach ~ USA

About Photographer

Since those early days I have travelled extensively throughout Australia photographing locations as varied as the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland to the depths of the Tasmanian wilderness. Internationally I have travelled to New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Hawaii, Canada, and most recently The United States of America in pursuit of my passion. Having established a substantial portfolio of unique works, many of which have sold to private collectors, to reach a larger market, I launched in 2007 the business entity 'Adam Crews Panoramic Imagery', and now have pleasure in releasing my website showcasing my Limited Edition Collection.