PhotographerAdam Crews
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAdam Crews Panoramic Imagery
City/CountryEngadine, Australia
Photo DateJuly 2012
Technical InfoF22, 2 Seconds
Entry Description

By far the best looking waterfall I have ever seen in my lifetime! Very difficult to capture this scene though, as the spray from the falls continually covered the lens and the camera. So much spray in fact that my camera and clothes were completely soaked! Inbetween every image I had to take the camera away from the area, clean the lens, then bring it back and try to compose the next shot with the lens cap on. All worth the efforts though! Proxy Falls, Oregon ~ USA

About Photographer

Since those early days I have travelled extensively throughout Australia photographing locations as varied as the Whitsunday Islands of Queensland to the depths of the Tasmanian wilderness. Internationally I have travelled to New Zealand, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Hawaii, Canada, and most recently The United States of America in pursuit of my passion. Having established a substantial portfolio of unique works, many of which have sold to private collectors, to reach a larger market, I launched in 2007 the business entity 'Adam Crews Panoramic Imagery', and now have pleasure in releasing my website showcasing my Limited Edition Collection.