A Step Back into the 1800s

PhotographerCharly McConnell
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This series is a depiction of how people lived back when there wasn't electricity and running water. Throughout the year, folks of today travel back in time to live as our ancestors did; 99% of what is used during their event is as it was in the 1800s. The tents/teepees, cooking utensils, clothes, lanterns, weapons/cannons, wares the traders sell, etc. They often have competitions of fire starting with striker/jute/char/flint, black powder with ball rifle/pistol, tomahawk throws and bow/arrow, along with Civil War Reenactments. And throughout the day music can be heard. Living like this is educational, challenging and rewarding for one who not only captures the event, but also lives it.

About Photographer

I grew up in a home full of cameras, yet it wasn't until much later in life that the photography bug bit me. Natural light brings everything alive when I view it through my camera, the shadows and light can be quite dramatic, which often leads me to capturing the moment. Have always been fond of B&W images and now find that transcends through many of my own images. This new journey has been mainly one self taught, with some classes and help from many, through frustration, failures and successes. It is a dream that photography will take me on an adventure of a lifetime.