Mr Blue and Mr Orange

PhotographerRon de Boer
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySevilla La Nueva, Spain
Photo Date8 february 2011
Technical Info1/25, F3.5, ISO400, 10mm
Entry Description

This is the best kept ruin in the abandoned village of Villanueva de Jálon near Zaragoza, Spain. More than 40 years ago Señora Francisca was the last to leave the village and close the door to this house behind her.

About Photographer

I am a Dutch photographer living in Spain since the summer of 2010; the first 2 years in Zaragoza and now in a village close to Madrid. As a little boy going camping with my family on trips to among others wild Sweden and France or playing in the jungle of Surinam for a year when I was 5, my fascination with nature grew bigger. Having travelled to lots of places (like Nepal, Chile, Argentina, US, Africa and more) my interest in photographing grew bigger and most of all capturing human leftovers being taken back by nature. Since coming to Spain I was fortunate to spent all my time on photography and exploring its around 3000 abandoned villages and their amazing surroundings. My special interest is in villages that were abandoned (lots of times forced under dictator Franco´s reign) around 40 years ago in the province of Aragon in Northern Spain. But also the diversity of landscapes around Spain give me amazing opportunities to combine my love for nature and photography.