PhotographerBrianna Logan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

“Ethereal” is an archival pigment print that was done as part of a series of work in which I tested my boundaries as a photographer and restricted myself to photograph just the interior of my home. I wanted to look for interesting light patterns with aesthetic beauty. Photographed early in the morning, the glow from the window gives the image a dewy, dream-like feel, quite often over-looked on a daily basis.

About Photographer

Brianna Logan was born in the shadows of New York City, in Bergen County, New Jersey in 1990. She moved to South Carolina in 2008 to pursue her degree at Coastal Carolina University for Art Studio with a concentration in Photography. In 2012, Logan was a finalist in the Photographer’s Forum: Best of College Photography 2013 contest. Her work will be published in the Best of College Photography 2013 book being released in July of 2013. Logan is also currently a Photographer for Tempo and Tapestry; both publications through Coastal Carolina University. Her work varies from photography to mixed media artworks. By her unique way of challenging the division between the realm of memory, reality and emotion, Logan focuses on the aesthetics of everyday life and mixes them with surreal and dream-like concepts. She currently lives and works in Myrtle Beach, SC while completing her degree. She will be graduating in May of 2013, with plans of moving to Los Angeles and starting a career.