Bright Lights

PhotographerEd Stone
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The Somerset Carnivals are highly regarded as the largest illuminated procession in the world. The carnival carts are designed and built by dedicated carnival clubs around the West Country. These clubs have many members who raise money throughout the year, and work relentlessly to achieve the spectacular carnival entries. Carts take part in the carnival parade along with many other entries. The illuminated carts can be up to 100ft in length, 16ft high, and 11ft wide, and some can have up to 30,000 light bulbs.

About Photographer

Ed Stone is a young photographer covering documentary, portrait & editorial genres. A 2012 graduate from University College Falmouth's highly regarded Press & Editorial Photography Degree. It was here that Ed started focusing on documentary photography - from social issues to social celebrations. Recent projects include: 'Somerset Cider Legacy' & 'Bright Lights'. Ed is open to all commissions. Small, Big, Local or National. These all help fund future projects. Previous clients have included: BBC - Telegraph - Guardian