Military expropriation

PhotographerLotte Andersen
PrizeHonorable Mention

Oksboel firing range and exercise is a 6,500-acre military training area in Southwest Jutland related to Oksbøllejren. From north to south the terrain is around 14 km, while the width varies from 1 ½ to 6 miles. The area is used primarily by Danish forces but also by the forces of other countries as part of NATO cooperation. In 1967-69, was additional 2,183 ha acquired by expropriation, including 60 farms, 116 homes, 147 cottage grounds, 42 permanent residences and 47 subareas. The expropriation was one of Denmark's greatest and gave rise to some press coverage. The affected 306 owners and 29 users and amounted to 45 million. £ Part of the expropriated buildings are still standing as "ghost houses". The windows are boarded up and the buildings maintained only rudimentarily. In addition, lists a number of dummy houses in wood for use in exercises

About Photographer

I am a passionate amateur photographer. I use a Nikon D80 and Nikon Nikkor macro photographing mainly flower and insects. I love the shapes and colors and how they interact with each other. I mainly uses the natural light, but with different angels to create different moods in the photos.