Phoenician fishing

PhotographerKarim Carella
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMonza, Italy
Photo Date2012
Entry Description

The trabucco is an old fishing machine typical of Italy imported from Phoenicians, spread along the coast of southern Adriatic. Trabucchi are protected as historical monuments. This shots are part of a photographic project titled "Phoenician Fishing".

About Photographer

Karim Carella is a self-thought italian lanscape photographer. Fascinated about great contemporary photographers such as Michael Kenna and Josef Hoflehner, he elaborated their lessons and inspired by the Nature he captures natural elements and landscapes with a new eye, in the attempt to discover those emotions and sensations which simple things can reveal. The search for a personal style resulted in a formal coherence built on two points of reference: black & white and square format. Other recurrent elements are minimalist compositions, long exposures and strong contrasts. He pays great attention to this last aspect during the post production, limitated to the “camera lucida”. The exploration process of Karim Carella moves along precise patterns. Place exploration: the images are taken somewhere in the world, both in the countryside, on mountain tops and along beaches. Genre exploration: he sweeps from macros to wide landscapes and narrative images. Last but not least the exploration of the photographic art and its relationship to the author. The common denominator of Karim Carella's photography is undoubtedly the personal and solitary search for ways to express a transient moment or contest without making use of any logic or deterministic recording of the occasion or of the place.