Entry Title: "Humpback Bridge"
Name: Aurelio Bormioli , Italy
Category and Expertise: Bridges, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Camera: Nikon D800E - Lens: Carl Zeiss Distagon 25mm f/2 T* ZF.2

About the Artist:

Aurelio Bormioli was born in Savona in 1969. Since he was a child, he was interested in photography thanks to his father who  was an amateur photographer. As years went by, he attended workshops with  many famous sector experts, such as Ivano Bolondi, Enrico Stefanelli, Pino Ninfa, and Ernesto Bazan. Nowadays, he works with a professional Nikon  equipment, although he usually uses films as well, especially  pinhole cameras, that are strongly admired by Aurelio.