Shunyata Series I

PhotographerCharlotte Stevenson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySun Valley, United States
Photo Date2010
Technical InfoCanon EOS 50D
Entry Description

In certain sects of Buddhism, there is a concept called Shunyata. Although this term translates to "emptiness," it does not have the usual meaning that we associate with emptiness in the English language. In Buddhism, Shunyata means that everything in life--both animate and inanimate--is devoid or empty of absolute, independent, self-contained identity. Rather, all things are interrelated and in a constant state of flux of energy. This series explores that idea that from a certain point of view--captured by the camera--there is an interrelatedness and energy shared between everything.

About Photographer

Most of my photography falls into the area of conceptual, nature photography, but I also use some of my less abstract photography to illustrate environmental issues on which I am working. I like to explore the themes of how things interact, how one thing can become another, and how the way we understand something changes when we see it from different point of view. I’m interested in boundaries (and the lack of boundaries), and I often explore this with the camera through the study of color and motion. I am a California native but now live in Sun Valley, Idaho. I went to Stanford University for my B.S. and M.S. in marine biology and spent most of my time at Stanford's marine station in Monterey, California. I have been working in the field of marine science and policy for the last six years.