Entry Title: "Land Sea Sky"
Name: Charlotte Stevenson , United States
Category and Expertise: Abstract|Landscape, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Land. Sea. Sky. We think of them as three very separate realms divided by clear boundaries. However, when you truly examine things on a molecular level, the land, sea, and sky are intricately linked. From the climate, to the water cycle, to the carbon cycle, the divisions we make between land, sea, and sky may not be as definitive as we think they are. This series conceptually explores these connections.

About the Artist:

Most of my photography falls into the area of fine art, abstract, nature photography, and most of my photographic series explore a point of view that is contrary to our conventional visual perception of the world, which leads us to believe that each object, person, or animal is physically and metaphysically separate from everything else. Instead, I am inspired by the ability to use the camera to capture the world in a more fluid state and explore the idea that all things are interrelated and in a constant state of energy flow. I am a Bay Area native and currently live in Oakland, California. I went to Stanford University for my B.S. and M.S. in marine biology and spent most of my time at Stanford's marine station in Monterey, California. I have been working in the field of marine science and policy for the last six years and during that time have also used my photography to illustrate environmental issues on which I am working.