I wish I was

PhotographerMarcela Angeles
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Image 1. Amaya: I wish I was eternal. Image 2. Bill: I wish I was 26-years-old. Image 3. Edith: I wish I was in NY working as Donald Trump´s manager. Image 4. Carlos: I wish I was rich. Image 5. Justina: I wish I was home with my family.


People live their lives thinking about what or who they could´ve been. Some of them pursue their desires, but others will dream about them forever. By using an instant camera, I took portraits of people from different backgrounds. Strangers in the street revealed their most private desires and wrote them down, some of them with a smile, and some of them with nostalgia. "I wish I was", is a project that will culminate with the production of a pocket book full of inspiration, and desires.

About Photographer

My name is Marcela Angeles. I am a Mexican documentary and travel photographer based in Los Angeles and Mexico City. I have contributed with my work to magazines such as VICE Mexico and Tribuna Libre and have been recognized as a top ten emerging photographer in Latin America by ¨Latin American Fotografía". My photos have been exhibited in Mexico City, Los Angeles, Colombia, Brazil and New York. Founder of the travel blog "The Lost Vagabond". Instagram @marcelaangeles, @thelostvagabond