PhotographerRob Cherry
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBournemouth, United Kingdom
Photo DateJun 2012
Technical InfoCanon 5D MKII
Entry Description

Exterior staircase at Hong Kong Museum of Art.

About Photographer

Growing up around the fantastic coastline of Dorset, my photographic interest began with a passion for the unique natural surroundings. I enjoy trying to bring a creative edge to my landscape photography and enjoy the post processing element, along with learning new techniques. Over the last few years I have had many images published in photography magazines, local books and newspapers. My passion for black & white photography began with the classic images from great photographers such as Ansel Adams. It wasn’t until I discovered the more recent works of artists such as Michael Levin and Michael Kenna that my interest really developed into more of an obsession. I have always had a very keen eye for lines and symmetry, so this style really appeals to me. I also love the simplicity of monochrome and the beauty that can be conveyed through contrast and light. Living by the coast has provided me with a good amount of subjects and generally most of my long exposure shots are taken around the sea. Once I have found a location I feel will make a great mono shot, I will often return a few times to try and achieve the best possible results, which normally revolves around weather conditions and cloud movement. It’s a great feeling to find what seems like a very ordinary subject and transform this into something beautiful though long exposure photography.