Nude Ruins

PhotographerJohn Stekl
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I live in Austin, Tx and busy working on a photography art project since 2010. It is of nude female portraits with abandoned structures as the backdrops. It is titled Nude Ruins, .

About Photographer

Since I was a kid, I’ve always had an interest in abandoned buildings. It was a treat to get inside them. I was scared of the unknown, and of being somewhere you were not supposed to be. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing these structures as if they were abstract sculptures with their twisted shapes and bleeding colors. The challenge of shooting nudes is to capture the essence and soul of the person without creating just another glamor shot. The idea of combining both subject matters made sense to me. I once invaded the home for several wild dogs living inside an abandoned high school. Absolutely terrifying. It’s always unpredictable when I show up to these locations for the first time. How close can I get? Will weirdos or police show up? Snakes? Will I be able to get inside? I sure as hell hope so because it took 8 hours of driving to get here. I never really know. The abandoned light; the portrait. That’s the goal; that’s the thrill. Beautiful women in these ruins--nude ruins--some in the middle of a city, others in the middle of nowhere. They are my studios. The rent is free.