The Wandering Veil

PhotographerLeila Syed-Fatemi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRichmond Hill, Canada
Photo Date02/27/2013
Technical InfoHasselblad, Kodak Portra 100
Entry Description

In current contemporary art, the veil is almost always seen as a political symbol alluding to oppression, however the interpretation of the veil cannot be contained to one opinion, symbol or meaning. It is always being re-contextualized, re-defined, re-exhibited and re-explored. This project aims to contribute the experience of a veil-wearer to the current works that exist about the veil. This series of self-portraits consider the depth of meaning that the veil holds; exploring themes of religion, identity, feminism, absence and presence, the human figure, and the invisible gaze.

About Photographer

As a visual artist living between cultures, Leila is influenced by her own life experiences and understandings. Her work results from personal reflections as well as the attempt to create a better understanding and appreciation for Islamic culture and its foundations. Through the perspective of a practicing Muslim artist, she strives to create thought-provoking work that allows the viewers to look at Islamic traditions absent of political issues. Aside from her fine-art work, Leila also has experience working professionally as an assistant-curator and exhibition designer, as well as a offering her photo services for commercial and event purposes.