the chairs, fishing-trip still life

PhotographerClay Bodvin
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAuckland, New Zealand
Photo Date2013
Technical Infophotomedia collage
Entry Description

The intervention of hybrid memories. Objects and images from the artists life are set against often conflicting fragments of memory and merged with found or remade spaces. Ignoring the inconvenient truth of any graphic reality, these mutations of recall become new visual records of identities and circumstances in an idealized life story. Evidence that memories are fluid, both actual and artificial at the same time.

About Photographer

=== work details All images start out as VirtualWorks and involve - original, digital and scanned-film objects and patterns combined with found images and remade interiors - digital composition and assembly into master 1701pxl / 300dpi .tif-image files. Further production may entail - wallWORK: images on paper / canvas; collage / marouflage onto panels; mixedmedia handwork over - animeSTILLLIFE√ā¬©: stop-frame animation, soundtrack mixing, video editing. BIO - SKETCH === A product of duality and displacement - Hometown, Seattle / live and work, New Zealand. - Always artistic / no art studies until age 18. - Dale Clayton Bodvin until age 20 / Clay Bodvin after 14 months in Vietnam. - Full-time career, advertising and design - 25+ years / practicing fine artist - 40+ years. Festival screenings, online & onwall exhibitions - combined, to date - 16 solo exhibitions; 67 group exhibitions - in NZ; AU; AR; US; IT; UK.