Sand Shoal with Passing Cloud

PhotographerMara Zaslove
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Taken out the window of a plane at 40,000 feet. I shot like a fiend when passing over this unique sight. I later found out that this was a sand shoal created by the water flowing over a sand bar. It took my breath away.

About Photographer

Although a native Californian, I have traveled extensively throughout this country and abroad. The bulk of my portfolio revolves around my exploration of people, cultures and environments and mirrors my love of form and design. Traveling affords me the opportunity to record the primal beauty of the human spirit within its established settings. When I look through my camera, I am drawn towards a composition that tells a story. Photography has ignited a passion that has interwoven my view of the world with my life experiences. The outcome results in an unfolding documentation of the world in which we live. I focus on a variety of motifs and primarily rely on natural light to reflect an array of patterns and interrelationships. At times, I engage my subjects but also utilize my telephoto to capture candid shots that exude a sense of humor and humanity.