Last Refuge

PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyShapes Industries
City/CountrySt. Louis Park, United States
Photo Date1/1/2013
Technical Infof/3.5, 2.5 Seconds, ISO 100
Entry Description

Last Refuge is a series of locations that could rapidly be turned into fallout shelters in the event of a disaster. When shooting the series, I imagined that these places would be a last resort for the shelter seeking masses. They are dirty, poorly lit, and unforgiving, and only the most dire circumstances would force people here. I wanted to give a fairly serious shake to post-apocalyptic survival. I don't necessarily buy into the doom-saying media, but I do enjoy films like the Terminator series and THX 1138, and after spending so much time in utility tunnels and deep basements, you can't help but imagine your own version of what it would take to endure the end of the world. "Last Refuge"

About Photographer

I would describe myself as an adventure photographer. As a child, I had a serious love affair with the likes of the Titanic, the city of Pompeii, Atlantis, and El Dorado. My desperate desire to explore these fantastic places ended up manifesting itself in my art. I began dragging a camera around underground caves, sewers, abandoned buildings, and other exciting locations. My photographic work is my treasure, my rare jewel or idol, taken from the belly of the world’s hidden places.