Entry Title: "Woman in Wood"
Name: Frances Tong , Hong Kong
Category and Expertise: Photo Essay and Feature Story|Personality|Other_P, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Tucked in the hills, she lives in one of the most inaccessible village in rural China. Far and away from urbanization and civilization, she blends completely with the remote surroundings. Aged and ancient, rough and rugged, solitary and secluded, she and the environment are one.

About the Artist:

Frances Tong focuses on finding meaning in landscape and people. Her passion for nature and people brings her to some of the most remote places in China, Japan and Europe. Her works were exhibited in San Francisco, Hong Kong and Shanghai. She is devoted to using her camera to raise awareness on mindful living as a way to address humanitarian and environmental issues. Frances won the honorable mention in the Nikon 18th Annual Photo Contest in California, 1998.