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CompanyGuillaume Pinon
PhotographerGuillaume PINON
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Guillaume Pinon is a French documentary photographer, born in 1974, who has spent more than half of his life outside his country. Early this year 2012, Guillaume was awarded with honours a degree of Master in photojournalism and documentary photography at the London College of Communications. The use of a camera has always been a mean to abandon his cosy environment in order to learn and document the human conditions of the “outsiders” of our society. Since his definite move to Malaga, in the south of Spain in 2008, Guillaume has continuously worked on complex issues, c lose to his heart, as children affected with mental and/or physical disabilities and immigrations. More recently, with his project “( Modulo 9 )”, he has depicted the daily life of remand prisoners at the Malaga prison. Finally, in April 2012, his photographs related to news, did the front page of a local newspapers to eventually been broadcasted on a national television.