Entry Title: "Dangerous Beauties"
Name: Chris Mitts , United States
Category and Expertise: Flowers, Non-Professional

Entry Description: I love to lie on the ground and see light filtered through the petals, finding miscopic bits of iridescence. The poppy is no different in that regard from any other flower; even tho in many parts of the world it is cultivated not for its beauty, but for drugs. Poppy now has a negative connotation. A beautiful flower with a bad reputation. In truth, it's neither good or bad, simply reaching for the sun. Let's must remember it's we who apply that definition to it.

About the Artist:

I recall being 4 or 5 years old and wanting to photograph with my parent's camera. I see in framed, stopped images. It's always been like that, from my earliest memory. The urge to record an event or stop a moment has always been there. The need to create is a powerful force in human nature, not to be denied.