Melancholy & Perfection

PhotographerMarianne Smith Dalton
Entry Description

My background as a painter informs the way I see and interpret the world around me. There is a constant interplay between form, color, light and shadow while references are drawn from art history. Paintings by Lucas Cranach, and Giorgione, whose works have both a beauty and crucial provocative element that I find enticing, beckon. My intent is to present images rooted in art history while touching upon a personal desire to face my own mortality. My ultimate goal is that these images will raise a shared bond emphasizing that we each are a heartbeat away from our historic past.

About Photographer

As a self-taught, amateur photographer I am constantly learning and evolving. I am ever inspired by the camera’s magical ability to assist me in my quest to illustrate a shared bond embedded in the historic past. My background as a fine artist informs the way I utilize form, color, light and shadow while making subtle references to art history. However, the most significant influences surround me on a daily basis: the rural landscape, abandoned buildings, and old photographs. My intent is to present photographic images rooted in these influential elements that hover in my psyche, while touching upon an innate melancholic sensibility that defines my vision.