Mourn For Me....

PhotographerNehyru Fabre
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Ongoing series documenting the increasing but unfortunate presence of R.I.P. memorial wall murals and makeshift memorial shrines/altars being created throughout various parts of New York City,for deceased loved ones.


Mourn For Me In numerous economically depressed & disenfranchised neighborhoods in N.Y.C, inhabited by predominantly people of color, the presence of R.I.P. memorial wall murals and makeshift memorial shrines/altars, unfortunately are commonplace, along side other omnipresent perennial structures: liquor shops, funeral parlors & Chinese greasy spoons. Makeshift memorial shrines/altars and R.I.P memorial wall murals are democratic in nature, no matter how diverse your walk in life, no one is immune to being immortalized via a wall mural: musicians, some iconic, police brutality victims, children, athletes, neighborhood locals, suicide and disease victims, wrong place, wrong time innocent victims, the common hard working law abiding woman/man, your mother, cousin, daughter and an overwhelming percentage of fathers, uncles, brothers, grandfathers and potential future fathers. As I encounter an R.I.P memorial wall mural, I’m always in awe by the magnitude and artistic flare that went into these heartfelt & emotional portraits, whether life like or caricatures. Seeing these various R.I.P memorial wall murals as another variation of tombstones, my heart & compassion always goes out at the site of a commemorative wall, as well as makeshift shrines/altars, whether I know them personally or not. Over time, encountering scores upon scores of these R.I.P murals & makeshift shrines/altars leaves me overcome with a feeling of great sadness and a feeling of deep loss as a people; so many perished lives and unfortunately, so many future lives that the ‘hood will consume due to a multitude of contributing factors. As a compassionate human being, acute observer & photographer, I’m intrigued by this kind of humanity, this compelling inner desire by loved ones, fans, strangers, friends, biological as well as street family, to pay homage /tribute/reverence via makeshift shrines/altars and, or commissioned & non commissioning of beautiful, colorful & artistic memorial murals of the deceased, who obviously have impacted them tremendously & has left a painful void in their hearts. R.I.P memorial murals erected for the deceased for all to see and hopefully forever to be remembered, long after the shrines/altars and murals are gone.

About Photographer

Nehyru Fabre’ lives in New York City and holds a B.A. in Sociology from the City College of New York. A self taught photographer, who shoots with 35mm & digital.His subject interest range from documentary, female nudes, travel, floral to architecture,among other varied interest.He has had his first solo show at the historic Morris Jumel Mansion in New York City and has been in group shows at the Annual Contemporary Artists in America, Great Neck, N.Y. Nehyru Fabre is currently working on several photographic series,in the U.S and in Paris, France.