Zach: The Father I Never Knew

CompanyKathryn Reynolds
PhotographerKathryn Reynolds
Entry Description

Zach: 'The Father I Never Knew'. A series of Self-portraits. Who was Zachary Reynolds? In a richly expressed visual tale, photographer Kathryn Reynolds explores the life of her father, the late ‘Zach’ Reynolds. Trying to piece together other peoples’ memories of a father she never knew, Reynolds creates order from chaos as she sorts through a maelstrom of friends’ stories, photographs culled from press releases, magazine articles, biographies, and miles of tape recording. Reynolds seeks to create an experience that gives the viewer a glimpse into the life of this extraordinary man thirty years after his passing. “There are many of us who grew up without knowing our fathers, for all kinds of reasons. I believe that loss is a universally shared human experience. I wonder how things would be different if my father were still alive.” In this work, Reynolds recreates iconic photographs of her father, using herself as his avatar. She incorporates his beloved cars, motorcycles, planes, and other beloved objects. In doing so, Reynolds steps into the past and divines it back to life. These self- portraits manifest echoing effect of ancestors in our daily lives. In this collection of work we experience the deep longing of a child’s heart.

About Photographer

Kathryn Reynolds is an American Fine Art Photographer and artist. Her work has won numerous awards across the United States as well as internationally. Reynolds work uses symbols, often in juxtaposition, to explore beauty, archetypes, paradox, the cycles of life, death, and re-birth. She believes we are all on a journey to discover who we are, our deep roots of soul and spirt, as well as what destiny holds for us. Her personal quest for self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the human condition, is a driving force in her ethereal work. Reynolds has a rich background in English Literature, and Religious studies, which has allowed her to execute complicated tableaux filled with symbolic imagery. Critics have said, Reynolds work echoes the poetics of William Blake and Emily Dickinson. As well as being a noted photographer, she is also a published writer, who has written numerous technical essays, scripts for television, as well as, being a published poet. Reynolds fine art photographs have become synonymous with her technical expertise and attention to detail. Reynolds does all of her photographic styling. She states in an interview, “Styling is a big part of the photo- I am concerned with the whole photograph, the entire vision, not just the lighting scenario and the camera. I have the finished idea fully executed in my mind before I even start. Styling allows me that complete control over the finished product and the ability to fully bring my 'vision' to fruition. Everything in my art, every object that is used, is intentional. There is a lot of thought and research that goes into my images.” Reynolds often appears as the subject in her photographs, using herself as the model model, and avatar ,to the greater message she is relaying, like photographer Cindy Sherman, Reynolds is a master of changing her image to relay the greater story of the photographic art to the viewer.