Sign o' the times

PhotographerDennis Hodges
Entry Description

Our recollection of the past is subjective and incomplete. What we remember – or choose to remember – is not the whole story nor is it absolutely clear. We build our own version of history from what snippets we do have. Nothing is permanent. Neither our memory nor the marks we leave on this planet nor the businesses we start. Not carved in stone but painted on brick. This series, shot in a mix of cities and towns large and small, gives us a glimpse of the past. Advertisements for businesses and products painted on buildings were semi-permanent fixtures before the advent of neon and it’s even more offensive offspring and remain as a hint of what once was.

About Photographer

I borrowed Mom’s twin lens reflex when I was 8 and my father taught me the essentials of composition. In college I was fortunate to become a student and friend of the gifted photographer Howard Stephens who expanded my technique into different processes, opening the box and inviting me to play outside of it. Panicked after graduation, I chose a path of office work with photography relegated to being a creative release. Within the past few years, it has taken its proper place as the center of my activity. As I continue to grow, I continue to experiment with the tools I have available as well as moving my art from individual images to series, telling stories along the way.