PhotographerTimothy Poulton
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLeading Lines Photography
City/CountryChippendale, Australia
Photo Date2013
About Photographer

"My name is Timothy Poulton, I'm a photographer living in Sydney. The vast majority of my photographs are panoramic landscapes from the east coast of Australia, though I also love taking macro shots of insects. One of my images, "Shocking Bondi', won the 2009 International Landscape Awards. It depicts a series of lightning strikes during a storm that lashed Bondi Beach in 2008. More recently"Purple Rain", an image of a Jumping Spider (Salticidae), won the Australian Museum Up Close and Spineless competition and this image as well as other will be displayed in all Australian Museums during 2011. My passion for visual imagery dates to the early 90s when joined forces with Katie Little to launch a graphic design business One Of A Kind Media Group. It is now a business working for famous fashion labels, music festivals, shopping centres and retail outlets. This was what originally attracted me to fashion photography. Building the business and raising a family with Katie meant that there was little time for photography until my interest was rekindled by my brother Peter Anthony. I replaced my ageing Hasselblad with Nikon camera bodies and Carl Ziess Lenses and fell in love with landscape photography. My panoramic images come from locations up and down the coast of Australia, Tasmania and Bangkok.