Bare Trees

PhotographerRobert J Dygert
Entry Description

There is something extraordinarily beautiful about a bare tree. Stripped of its veil of lush silken green, it stands naked, revealing its dance with nature. Rooted in earth's soil, always reaching for the heavens, its primal form shaped by the experience time affords. Just like us.

About Photographer

I was born in Detroit, Michigan into a ‘blue collar’ family, the ninth of ten children. I earned a BFA in printmaking at Wayne State University in Detroit, and then spent the next thirty-plus years raising a family and working in the fields of technology and banking. During that time, I continued to sketch out ideas and produced a modest number of finished paintings, sculptures and digital images. About six years ago I started to refocus my energy on creating visual art. This focus became stronger a little over a year ago when I ended my professional career. My work to date has not been widely seen. I entered my first juried fine art photography competition this summer and was awarded first place.