Way Out: Street Photography Underground

PhotographerAlan McQuillan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

5-picture series from a book of 35 photographs in the tube, metro and subway systems of London, Paris, Prague, Montreal and Boston.

About Photographer

Alan McQuillan began street photography in London during the 1960s and has lived in Montana for the past four decades. He retired from a university teaching career to pursue photography full-time and, in 2009, was made an Associate of Britain’s Royal Photographic Society. His major influences are other documentary photographers such as Bill Brandt, Lisette Model, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Helen Levitt, and, he says, he simply likes to record what he sees as he moves about the city, using street photography's traditional method of shooting fast and unobtrusively with small cameras. He uses this same technique when shooting in Montana, be it at rodeos, historical, or industrial sites. Alan is currently self-publishing photo-books of his work; he most recent was “Way Out: Street Photography Underground,” and his “Looking at Art: People Looking at Art” is forthcoming. Alan has exhibited in England and America and received numerous awards. He views his work as producing a sort of “slow news,” reporting on everyday life and hoping to depict the humanity, dignity, and essential equality of people from all walks of life. With his wife, historian Minie Smith, he lives in Missoula, Montana and travels extensively in search of new images.